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Freestyle Skating Lessons

Freestyle Skating Information

Levels 1-6

  • (Prerequisite: Basic Skills 1-8)


  • $135 for 1x/week session
  • $200 for 2x/week session


  • 1 lesson per week for a 6-week session


  • 2 lessons per week for a 6-week session
  • Skate Rental
  • USFSA membership included in the fee
  • 1/2 hour class, 1/2 hour practice


What Will I Learn?

After completing the BASIC 1-8 levels, skaters have the basic knowledge of the sport.  This knowledge, and the skills they have learned enables the skater to advance to the more specialized areas of skating.  One of these areas is FREESTYLE SKATING.


Each of the Six Freestyle Skating Levels is Divided into Four Sections:

  • Moves in the Field
  • Dance Sequence
  • Spins
  • Jumps


The graduate of freestyle skating 1-6 will have a strong foundation on which to build, showing good use of edges, all basic skills mastered, all basic spin positions acquired, and every single jump learned.



5:30PM - 6:30PM


5:40PM - 6:40PM

*Subject to Change